NEW RELEASE Woodfordes Sundew IN STOCK!

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Finally after months of delays the very latest addition to the fantastic Woodfordes range is here, in stock, and on the shelves! Woodfordes Sundew Home Brew Beer Kit has been a long time in development, but the recipe has at last been finalised, checked and is now in full production. Here at Home Brew Online, as usual we are the first to have this on our shelves and on sale and actually available to buy, and it is sure to be popular as we have had plenty of enquiries over the last few months. It is a subtle golden beer, pale in colour and light on the palate with the distinctive hoppy Woodforde’s finish. Deliciously golden and refreshing. Described by Woodfordes as a light golden coloured beer with delicate floral aroma, with a taste that is mellow, dry - almost lagerish. A true summer ale. This pale ale 3kg malt extract kit brews 40 pints with an approximate ABV of 4.2%, as soon as feedback is available it will of course be posted on the reviews, and has been added to our Woodfordes Complete Starter Kit range as an option. To get yours just click on this link



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    Thanks for the full description which sounds exactly what I am looking for in a beer.  I've ordered my first batch and can't wait to get it brewing!
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    It promises to be popular, we'd love to hear what you think of it once you've had chance to brew it! We have our own batch on the go so will let you know how it turns out....
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    Hi, like Billybobs i've just received a Sundew from yourselves and plan to get it going this weekend!
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    Another couple of weeks and we'll give ours an early sample to see how it is, we'll report back....
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    Well our Sundew has been bottled for a two or three weeks now, so it is still early days for it and we couldn't wait to give it a try. We've bottled it in 500ml PET plastic bottles with crown caps, and put 2 carbonation drops in each. We found it quite enjoyable, it is as Woodfordes say pale in colour, and we agreed almost like a lager as it was light and easy drinking. It was carbonated, but we prefer it more carbonated than it was, so will be leaving it in a cool dark place for a few more weeks to let it condition and mature further before it will be at it's best, so will update again when we give it it's full test
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    Sorry for late post on this. I brewed my Sundew back in May and after a trouble free brewing it settled and cleared nicely in the barrel.  After about three weeks it tasted quite nice, although a little weaker in flavour than I had hoped for.  Mine also was not as carbonated as other brews I've done and I think it would be improved with a bit more of that bite at the back of the throat you get with more carbonation.  It certainly got better after a few more weeks in the barrel though and it's all consumed now - which tells you something!  I'll likely do another brew with it some day but will enhance it next time with some citric hops to pack more of a punchy flavour.

  • robbiewidrobbiewid Member Posts: 8
    sundew was one of the best ive tried so far just finished my last bottle, so smooth full of caramel flavour. I did over do the carbonation drops , used regular beer bottles, put 2 in each , way to gassy, 1 next time , but a big thumbs up from me.
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