Hello From North West Midlands

Hello Fellow Brewers
New to the forum, I have been brewing now for just over 1 year, did mainly Wilko's Kits with some not so good results, am now on my Second Coopers English Bitter Kit, (GOOD KITS) with added 20g each of EKG and Fuggles as a Hop Tea, and 750g medium DME (SG1.040). Will keep on with the Coopers Kits, but will be trying AG when the weather picks up as I have to boil outside due to space and steaming out the Kitchen.
Will be looking forward to conversing with you folks in the coming months.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Welcome Tinker, great news the Coopers kits are proving a success especially with your hop and extract additions, you may like the Mangrove Jacks range too perhaps. Sometimes it can be helpful to brew outside or somewhere well ventilated when mashing grain, hopefully summer is on it's way and you can get boiling away!
  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    Belated welcome Tinker. I have tried two of the kits from W****s. At that point I had been brewing beer for around 30 years and wine just a few. I made one of their wine kits first and initially put my poor results down to my own limited experience. I then tried a mixed berry cider as I had enjoyed the ones from aldi and lidl. When this turned out to have the same main issue (complete absence of any body or flavour and only improving extremely slightly after three months) I visited their forum to find very similar experiences but one where somebody had used two full cans of extract to produce a pleasant result. Considering this upped the cost to over £20 for a budget range kit I viewed it as poor value for money. In forty years of brewing these are the only kits I have made a complaint about. Obviously this won't do anything about the alcohol we have already made but I hope it at least makes you feel a little better in that consistently poor results weren't down to you.

    Anyway the main thing is that you have found a kit which turned out fine and also represents progress. I haven't tried any of the Cooper's bitter kits but they do seem popular. I got put off by their stout which had too much of a liquorice taste for my liking but have once again taken note of another success story. That is one of the great things about having a forum like this.

    Happy Brewing :)
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