brewing with Liquid Malt Extract

Tom_BTom_B Member Posts: 27
Hello Brewers,

If I just bung it in a bucket with some brewers sugar and steeped malt and hop tea and some yeast will it brew up into beer?




  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Tom, you can use a liquid malt as a base and add hops and sugar etc, but it is best to find a recipe online for at least the first go at this, as ideally you need to boil the ingredients to get the flavour. If you use an unhopped malt extract and don't use enough hops the finished brew may lack flavour and bitterness.

    It is always great to get more involved though and use ingredients to make your own batch of brews, it would just be worth considering using a recipe at least as a starting point or guide for the first one, then you can follow the same principles but adjust the type of malt and hops etc to get the brew to your personal preference
  • Tom_BTom_B Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for the feedback -- it makes perfect sense and I will follow a recipe as you suggest.
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