Combining different varieties of Munton's Spraymalt

Hi, I have tried combining some of these with brewing sugar and got excellent results. So I was just wondering if anybody had tried combining any of these different packs either in whole or part (1KG of a) with 0.5KG of b) for example).

I quite like darker and/or strong tasting beers (not necessarily high ABV as I go for taste and body first) so I was considering combining Medium with Dark Spraymalt in a bitter kit (of which I have a few) somewhere down the line. I am assuming Munton's Gold would be an appropriate yeast for such a brew although I have found that when combined with spraymalt this seems to slow or stop the hydrometer readings down after a very variable given point. I have picked up on the forum today that gently stirring can help with this problem but again, any advice/observations will be taken seriously.

I am also interested in any other combinations people may have tried with any other beers/ales/lagers such as wheats for example, something of which I have zero experience.

I find head retention is often poor with my homebrew so if there is an answer to this issue within the scope of this discussion that is also most welcome.


  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    Apologies, I should have posed this discussion much earlier in preparation. I have another question and will do it that way in future.

    I went ahead and mixed Munton's Medium with Dark Spraymalt then added Munton's Gold yeast to a Kit of John Bull Best Bitter. I will add a post in the review section unless it is a disaster in which case I will add the full procedure here. Early signs are very good.
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