Co2 problem.

ImbatImbat Member Posts: 10
Using the 8g co2 bulbs to pressure my barrel but they just keep blowing back with none actually going into the barrel. Would this be a pin problem on the cap?. Any ideas gratefully accepted


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hey Imbat, there are a couple of main reasons why this may happen, either firstly the barrel is quite full of beer and so there is no headspace to fill with CO2, or is already under pressure with gas in the barrel so again there is o room for more CO2 in there.

    Or secondly there could be a fault with the valve and how the bulb is sealing to the valve. If there is plenty of space for CO2 to be injected and the barrel is not under pressure inside, yet CO2 wont inject into the barrel, it would be worth just checking the pin valve. There is a rubber O-ring inside the top of the valve and this helps to seal the gas bulb to the valve, forcing the gas in to the barrel. If the O-ring is not sealing fully around the bulb then gas may escape around the sides rather than being injected into the barrel.

    Also under the lid on the base of the pin valve is a rubber 'band' type seal, this expands and opens up to allow the CO2 gas into the barrel, and then seals back down when you stop injecting gas. It needs to be tight, but loose enough to allow it to expand when under pressure and then seal back down fully. If the seal becomes stuck down with residue it may not open properly, so may be worth checking it is clean and not clogged up.

    One other thing just to bear in mind, if it is a new valve and has never been used before, just make sure it does not have a manufacturing fault on it, behind the rubber seals are holes to allow the gas in and out, we did hear of one a long time ago that had not been drilled properly and there was no hole under the bottom rubber band seal, so the gas could not get in - there should be a small hole under the bottom rubber band seal that it covers and seals.
  • ImbatImbat Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for that. It is a brand new cap so I will have to have a good check once I have emptied the little beer left. Sounds like it could be the last one as it really fires back out. Thanks again for the advice 😁
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Yes it's worth checking, we have only heard of that once a long time ago, but if you remove the small rubber band seal from the bottom of the valve, it is tight but should slide off, there should be a small hole underneath it. The gas is forced in through this hole under pressure, and then the seal shrinks back down to cover the hole and stop the gas escaping back out again
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