Muntons Flagship - West Coast IPA & Hazy IPA

GoffskiGoffski Member Posts: 10
So after successfully completing my first three brews (and pretty much drinking them all) I've just got Muntons Flagship - West Coast IPA & Hazy IPA on the go today. Both smell fantastic already so looking forward to these.

I've learnt now patience is key, as i got to my last few bottles of Mangrove Jacks Juicy IPA it had gone crystal clear and tasted fantastic so plan on putting these away for a good few weeks after bottling and resisting the temptation.

Updates to follow.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    That's excellent they turned out so well, as you say, if you can manage to leave for a while the flavours continue to improve as they develop. If possible it is good to get a batch or two ahead and then you can leave them to condition for longer, once they have been left for a week or so to carbonate, move them somewhere cooler and away from UV light and try to forget about them for at least 2 or 3 months, they should then be nice and clear and really tasting their best!
  • Tom_BTom_B Member Posts: 27
    @Goffski not drinking the beer too quickly is the big challenge I find. Only answer is brew lots of it. I have found how noticeable it is when the brew just sort of suddenly gets to be really good just as you say with the last bottles.
  • GoffskiGoffski Member Posts: 10
    Both the West Coast IPA & Hazy IPA have now all been bottled up. The West Coast IPA seems to be around 8.4%, had little sample while bottling and tastes great but i can tell its strong. The Hazy IPA has come out about 6.5% and again tastes fantastic already! I've boxed them all up and put them under the stairs right at the back so they're not easy to get to, hopefully the hassle of getting to them will help me resist the temptation.
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