my hermes

sintarasintara Member Posts: 32
you may wat to reconsider using my hemes as a deliver every time i get a package it is dmg lucky this time it seems the items was ok


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi sintara, we're sorry to hear that the box has been damaged in transit, this is quite common with all the couriers and is an issue with online shopping, to help with this we try to ensure the boxes we use are capable of withstanding transit and we also re-use as much recycled packaging materials inside where needed. Boxes are designed to withstand shipping and will take the impact of any accidental damage, and are designed to do this and protect the contents.

    On the journey from a retailer to the customer parcels can be handled many times both by people and on conveyor belts etc, but in the vast majority of cases orders arrive without damage to the items inside. The boxes we use are sacrificial and fully recyclable.

    If a parcel arrives with damaged contents please just let us know so we can help, and we also offer various courier options at the checkout, Hermes are usually the cheapest but to keep the prices down the delivery service may be a bit slower, we have a Royal Mail option for smaller/lighter parcels, and we also currently use DPD who cost a bit more, but are faster and have very accurate tracking info to help with delivery.

    Hopefully there is an option available at the checkout to suit everyone, but any delivery issues please just get in touch and we can resolve asap for you, the fastest way is [email protected]
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