over carbonation? Too much fizz?

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The last batch I brewed I think is over carbonated. When I open a bottle loads of foam and then when the cap comes off it is as if the beer bubbles right from the bottom of the bottle and this vigorous bubbling seems to lift the sediment and a lovely clear looking beer gets murky and not really nice to look at.

So I am guessing that just leave it for a couple of months and see what happens?

It feels like the first real fail in the brew career and its frustrating.


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    Hey Tom_B, excessive carbonation may be due to a couple, of things, perhaps either a bit too much priming sugar/drops were used, or it may not have quite fully finished fermenting before bottled and that has then increased the fizz in the bottles.

    It is hard to reduce the level of carbonation, you could perhaps try either chilling the bottles right down before opening as this can reduce the fizziness, or maybe try just cracking the lids ever so slightly open before you are ready to drink them, and if the gas can escape very slowly out it may help to stop the volcano effect you are getting. This is often easier with screw caps as you can open them in a more controlled way, crown caps are a bit more tricky.

    Whilst it doesn't look great, if the sediment is disturbed and makes the brew cloudy, it wont usually affect the taste so much, it is more of an appearance thing, so hopefully it will still taste great
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