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Hi, new to the forum and new to home brewing. Brewed Evil Dog DIPA for my first attempt and it's worked out a treat.

On to my second brew now and i've gone with Mango Jacks Juicy IPA. I started this on Wednesday afternoon and i seems to be having a crazy few days of fermentation. I've got foam coming from the airlock (not huge amounts) but it is filling the airlock and im not to sure whats best to do. I have had a search on the forum but im still not sure. I've have been swapping the airlock over to a clean sanitised one.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Goffski, welcome, great news the brewing is going so well, the IPA's are very popular at the moment.

    The foaming you are experiencing is nothing to worry about, if it is really excessive it may make a bit of a mess or begin to clog the airlock, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. It can be caused by a higher brewing temperature, especially during warmer weather when it can be harder to keep the brew cool and within the suggested brewing temperature range. Some brews can be more susceptible than others and this can be due to the yeast, etc, if possible cool the brew down a little if it is on the warm side and this will slow the fermentation down.

    The rapid fermentation is often more during the first couple of days, so it will usually calm down as it ferments, in the meantime either just keep a check on the airlock and clean it out if needed, or if it is really vigorous then you can loosen the vessel lid slightly to allow it to vent and bypass the airlock until it calms down.

    Then just carry on as normal once the fermentation is complete
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    Thank you for the info, much appreciated.

    It does seem to have calmed down now so i'll see how it goes and update this post i na few more days.
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    Just to updated on this, my starting hydrometer reading was 1.052 and its now 1.010 after 5 days. The sample is very cloudy almost milky looking, its doesn't smell or taste bad, but theres not bags of flavour. It says to add the hops after 7 days is it worth doing this now or am i being impatient and need to give it more time?
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    It wont do any harm to wait, but because it fermented quite vigorously and quickly, if the hydrometer reading has now stopped and is stable then you could add the hops a bit earlier than they say. Just leave them in for the amount of time the instructions say though, if you leave in for longer it will affect the flavour. The flavours will then fully develop, and it will begin to clear as it conditions
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    Should i remove the thick foam on the top before adding the hops or just add them in there?
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    There is usually no need to remove the foam, just add the hops but ensure they go into the liquid itself and make full contact so they impart their full flavour, if you need to scoop some foam out this is no problem though, just ensure everything is well sanitised
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    Once again thanks for the excellent advice!
  • GoffskiGoffski Member Posts: 10
    Just an updated to say this has turned out fantastic!

    I've since brewed their Grapefruit IPA, this one wasn't as wild! Bottled last night and a quick sample and its looking like another great brew!

    Got over 80 pints in stocks now and im already trying to decide on my next brew 🍺
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    That is great news, and it should keep getting better too if you can save a few bottles for later?! Not all will ferment quite as vigorously, the temperature and yeast type, etc all make a difference, keep building up those stocks!

    The Youngs American IPA is really popular and gets some great feedback, there are some genuine customer reviews on it here too:

    Keep up the good brewing!
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