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hi all I've just brewed my first batch of cider and read someones forum wrong, I added sugar to the fermentation stage and then yeast and although the batch has been brewing for 2 months and has been bottled and cleared it smells like Frosty jacks but tastes ok with a sip , should I risk a glass


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    Welcome adierobo, if you added sugar to your brew this will more than likely increase the strength as it will usually ferment out, if you added a lot of sugar sometimes the yeast reaches it's limit and leaves unfermented sugar, which will make the cider taste sweet. If it fermented OK and the fermentation completed, once bottled it will then sometimes clear like yours has, and this sounds normal so far.

    As long as it smells and tastes OK it sounds as though it should be fine, as long as there is no mould on the surface of the cider and it does not have a strong taste/smell of vinegar.

    It smelling and tasting good, along with it clearing (which often is a good sign it fully fermented), are all very good signs it has gone well, the flavours and taste will probably get better with time, so if storing put somewhere cool away from UV light
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    Hello adierobo and welcome
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