Doing it by the book versus using your initiative

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What a chump I am sometimes being meticulous with everything.

Having recently made my first Beaverdale kits (Elderflower & Cabernet Shiraz) with superb results on the white and good results (yet to mature mind) on the red - I decided to have a go at their Pinot Grigio next. Following the instructions to the letter, this was ahead of the Elderflower in progress. Indeed such was the progress that the wine had virtually cleared the day after adding the Keiselsol. Great you would probably say. Except numptie here for some reason went ahead and added the Chitosan - yeah to clear the wine. Sob. 4 days later and the cloudiness caused by shaking in the Chitosan has not budged in the cool room.

Having read up a little am I correct in thinking the wine is going to taste okay (as it did at the hydrometer testing) just probably going to be cloudy in the bottle and the glass?

I really could punch myself for not thinking back there and just ruddy well leaving it alone.


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    Hey, good news the wine is tasting good already, it sounds like a minor issue with the latest wine so should be fine. If the wine has had the finings added and was stirred up, but is now still cloudy, as you say this wont affect the taste - more just the appearance as it is the sediment that is suspended in the liquid.

    Wines will usually settle naturally but it just takes longer, finings clump the particles together and make them settle faster, clearing the wine. You could try adding more finings to get it to settle, if it wont clear though the wine will still taste good, but just be cloudy. Often any suspended particles in the finished wine in the bottles will settle in time, so by minimising disturbing it when opening and pouring the wine this will help too.
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    Thank you for the swift and informative response. That was the clarification I expected but am most greatful for the useful extra knowledge.

    I have decided to just syphon into another demijohn before bottling as usual but then maybe just leave it a bit longer before the transfer and see if that makes any difference (not having the original sediment at the bottom). If the taste proceeds from when I tested it then it should be at least a reasonably good drink, this is the main thing of course. Plus I have learnt some.

    I always give it a week in the final clearing stage anyway. That is usually more than enough to clear it so I will know for definite by then if what you say is the actual situation - looking at it, that is a good description.

    Cosmetic appearance is not as important to me although I do like to marvel at the clarity of a home brewed white wine in particular - does amazing things for the ego. I would settle for having my basic common sense intact though ;)
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    Excellent, a week or so in another vessel should allow some more particles to settle out and form sediment, before you bottle it up. If you like a nice and clear wine, depending how much you make you might consider a MK3 filter, they are quite popular and clear wines before bottling:

    Let us know how you get on....
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    Apologies not getting back to you sooner on this one. The wine cleared to about 90% satisfaction by personal deadline day that is much longer than usual but expected given the original issue with this batch. I decided to proceed to bottling and managed to not disturb what looked a tricky cloudy lower part of the demijohn. It went fine, looks nice and clear in the bottles which I have managed to leave alone with the exception of the 6th which tasted quite good but was about half full due to me saving the last bit at the bottom of the vessel for some white wine vinegar which also went well with a seafood salad. I don't like wasting anything.

    I have had a brief read of the filter system and it sounds interesting and useful. I am very happy with Ritchie's Beaverdale range so far to the extent I have now ordered a 30 bottle kit instead of the initial 6s. I will keep an eye on the clearing stage with these and any other kits and if I encounter any more such issues I will be extremely likely to invest in this item.

    PS I will add some reviews as and when I get into the bottles I set aside once I see how they have developed but I haven't touched any of those whatsoever yet.

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    Thanks for the update, that is sounding very positive, we know you may be a little disappointed if it has not fully cleared, but the taste will be good, and you may find it will settle in the bottles if left for a while before drinking with a bit of luck. The Beaverdale range are really popular and have been around a while so are very reliable, and we look forward to hearing any reviews of the final product once ready, Cheers
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