Major problems with King keg and S30 valve

Have beer in keg. Put a VERY SMALL amount of gas in using the large gas cylinder with the S30 pin removed. Gas is heard immediately coming from the top. Not the sides of the cap.

I used to have a hampelton bard beer sphere. Had it since 1980 to 1025 without any problems so why now.

I have 3 valves one is brand new. I have tried all combinations of 3 caps and 3 valves bur not able to keep pressure in. A small amount of gas should hold some pressure shurly.


  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
    Putting the ring on top of the black washer cuts into the black washer and distorts it. Is it too tight? Bought a 18mm stainless steal washer that has an outside diameter of 34mm (bigger than the washer so the washer would be trapped under the wider steel washer. That did not work either.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Desmond, it is a little strange how all 3 have worked but now don't, perhaps try a couple of things:

    When fitting a stainless steel valve to the plastic lid put the washer on the underside, and then the metal collar will tighten down on to the plastic lid directly and ensure the washer is not cut.

    If the barrel does not hold any pressure at all then it is escaping somewhere, you would expect the valve to vent any excess but then seal up and hold some pressure. Presumably all the rubber 'band' seals are in place on the valve, if any of these are missing or they are old then they may not seal tightly, so would be worth changing them as a precaution and to rule them out (out of stock but due back soon):

    If all the rubber seals and bands are all OK then it is possibly an issue with the valve sealing to the lid, so ensure the black rubber washer is on the underside and nip up tightly. There are a few points to check here if that helps at all:

    The cap itself must also seal to the barrel fully, with the washer in place and use some lubricant to be sure it seals, if you have checked this and it is definitely coming from the valve though you can rule that out.

    The rubber 'band' type seal on the underside of the valve is the one which should open up and then seal down fully after injecting gas in, and this is what stops the gas from escaping. The other option might be to try a new lid if the new valve wont seal to it
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