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Hi guys
I have a 30 btl wine kit at 11% with 4 kg sugar , if i put 5kg in will it be stronger say 13-14% and will it be too sweet ?


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    I dont know much about wine brewing in general, I suspect you'll get a more accurate answer from someone else soon.

    But.. from beer brewing, generally adding more sugar will increase the alcohol percentage to the point until the alcohol content of the liquid gets too strong for the yeast to survive and it simply wont ferment any further, adding more sugar past this point may make it taste "sweet" but will probably just be nasty, I wouldnt recommend it.

    Provided the solution isnt too strong so the yeast can survive, adding more sugar wont make it taste sweet as it'll get fermented into alcohol, you'll get a more strong alcohol taste which may or may not produce a nicer tasting product, that is all down to personal prefrence and of course the intended flavour profile of what you are brewing.

    I suspect the wine yeast you have should be able to go up to about 15% (maybe) however this can depend on what type of yeast, you may be able to look this up. As for what volumes of sugar will get to what alcohol content I couldn't even guess sorry.

    Again, I am by faaaaaaaaaaaar an expert in wine brewing so please take the above as a rough guide.

    Home brew online sell yeasts, and you can check them out some are rated up to a higher ABV which you may want to try if you are trying to brew really strong wine.

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    Exactly what Budforce says, not much to add to that comprehensive reply!
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