Special offer complete wine starter kits - Limited Time Only!

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Special offer complete wine starter kits - Limited Time Only!

We have these great complete wine starter kits that need just water adding to make, and include their own dispensing bag, in both red Cabernet Sauvignon and white Pinot Grigio:
  • All Winemaking equipment and ingredients included, just add water!
  • Choice of red or white wine
  • A bag for fermenting and one for dispensing.
  • Makes 4 Litres
  • Alcohol 12%
  • Time required 3 weeks from start to finish
  • BBE August 2020
Introducing DIY My Wine Co, the all-in-one, deliciously fun way to make and enjoy quality wine at home. These winemaking kits include everything you need to make white wine with great flavour and aroma. When you’ve finished making your wine, the convenient all in one kit makes enjoying the fruits of your labour a snap. Experience the pride of DIYing your own wine at home today.

DIY My Wine Co all in one kits are supplied with a fermenting bag and a separate dispensing bag, so when you have finished fermenting the wine and you've added the finings, you then use the tap to transfer it over into the dispensing bag, making sure you have a clear, sediment free, great tasting wine. So no home brew equipment and fermenters to clean, just use the supplied fermenting and dispensing bags. Making great wine has never been easier!

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