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This is just a christmas idea, but could someone brew sherry?

Just a christmas thought !


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    Hi Desmond, there are not may home brew wine kits for dessert wine, but they are available - although not very popular so we do't stock them unfortunately. You can get a Port and a Sherry style fortified wine, the Butler Connoisseur range is an example of one you should be able to find in the shops, they usually make around 6 bottles
  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
    Ok thanks. How would one convert a wine to a sherry? It can be done with port by not fermenting it out fully and adding spirits. Is sherry the same kind of idea?
  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
    Looking on line, port is fortified with brandy. Sherry is fortified with grape wine. But wine is made from grapes anyway!
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    Hi Desmond, if you are wanting to have a go at making a Sherry style wine from scratch then it would be worth finding a recipe to help with this, we have a book such as this one which has a number of Sherry recipes in it:


    Depending on how dry or sweet you would like the finished Sherry, can determine which ingredients to use, but as a general guide because red wines contain a lot of tannin, recipes often use fruits such as apples, raisins, etc, and white grape concentrate, and they often use gypsum in there too.

    Once it has fermented it is transferred into a second vessel leaving the debris behind and left for further weeks/months to complete the process. If you decide to give it a go do let us know how you get on
  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
    Sorry for not getting back to you on this. Been away. Thanks for this. I love the title Making wines like those you buy. I have another book bought in 1980. Brewing beers like those you buy - Dave Line. A must read for all still.
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