Home brew ginger beer

I'm making some simple brew ginger beer but it doesn't seem to have that ginger hit would it be alright for me to add pureed ginger or crushed ginger in to the mix its currently on the 2nd fermentation almost ready for the bottling any help or advice to enhance the ginger flavour would be grand


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,038
    Hi, adding things such as ginger to a brew is a great way to personalise them to get them more to your liking, it is always trial and error to get the amount of flavour you want though. You could add pureed or crushed ginger into the brew to impart more ginger strength of flavour, the more you use/the longer you leave it in there, the stronger the flavour will be. One option might be to grate some ginger and either add it in or use a muslin bag to contain it so it can be removed before bottling, but if you are short on time left at the brewing stage then perhaps just add some puree into the brew to give it a kick. You might also consider making a 'tea' with ginger - use hot water and crushed ginger and allow to infuse the flavour - then add the ginger 'tea' into the brew and mix well in.
  • NovicebrewkrisNovicebrewkris Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your help I was just thinking of crushing it up and popping it in then worry about straining it when I come to bottling I'm glad I had a sneaky taste haha thanks again
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