Yet another King Keg fail

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Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a question due to my Kingkeg barrel being sh#t, I’ve had no end of problems with it holding pressure and have found that when the lid is screwed down tight enough to hold any semblance of pressure, it tilts as if the threads are slipping, on looking at the neck rim it appears to be out of round, the top of it was also not flat by quite a bit, dipping where the mould line is, and I also note that the side that ‘lifts’ when the lid is screwed down only has two threads moulded into the neck which isn’t giving enough support and allowing the cap to ride up. I’ve sanded the top flat but it still will not hold pressure and the cap still ‘tilts’. I’ve resigned myself to happily slinging it in the bin, my question is - will my brew, a cider, need re-priming when I rack it into another cheaper barrel (that works fine), or should I inject CO2?


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    Hi Ken, welcome! Whether or not the brew needs re-priming often depends on how long it has been in the barrel and whether it was carbonated, if it has not been in there very long then the sugar will still be secondary fermenting and producing CO2. If the brew has been in there more than a week or so it is a good idea to add a little more sugar when transferring into the new barrel - then keep it around 20 degrees C for a week to help the priming sugar dissolve and secondary ferment. If the brew produces a bit too much carbonation then the barrel will vent it out of the safety release valve in the lid
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    Hi I share your frustration with those legs, I actually use the cheaper plastic kegs, with the co2 bulbs, and after home-brewing for I dunno, 5 years or more now, I've also had loads of problems over the years.

    I have several of the valves fail, cracked caps, cracked keg itself, they are pretty rubbish in general.

    The problem is you either go that or very expensive cornelius kegs, there doesn't appear to be any middle ground. A gap in the market maybe?

    Or of course bottle, which gives superior quality beer (in my opinion) also, but it's such a chore, after enough years of doing that I try to keg only where possible now.

    But I think it's just part of home-brewing you gotta put up with, until someone figures out s better solution.
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