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Hi. New to home brewing and looking for my next kit. So far I’ve done a mangrove jacks red ipa which was really nice after weeks in the bottle. especially the past one,(should have left it longer I guess) then I did a wilkos ipa which I’m still drinking. Not bad but 5 weeks in the bottle and still not as good as the first. Maybe needs a month or 2? . I’ve got a woodfords wheery just been bottled and a coopers real ale brewing that I’ll be hop teaing in a few days befor bottling. I’d like a nice doom bar type amber ale next if anyone can recommend anything
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    The Mangrove Jacks is a high quality ingredient so will produce great results, all brews really need some time to condition in the bottles to be at their best, if drank early the full flavours wont have developed. We often get reports that the Wilko products aren't as good but have not tried them, we only recommend the branded products so you know the quality you are getting, and products on our website have genuine customer reviews so you can see what others thought of them.

    The Doom Bar has been compared to Woodfordes Admirals, but you might consider taking a look at Smugglers and see what you think, there are some genuine customer reviews on the product too:

    Again, just leave it in the bottles for at least a month, the first week somewhere warm around 20 degrees C to help it carbonate then if you move it somewhere a few degrees cooler it will clear and condition. The longer the better for the flavours to develop, but we recommend keeping away from UV light
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