Home made red wine vinegar

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Hi. I thought this was difficult but according to websites it only involves leaving a bottle of wine open in a warm temperature(20c) for about 2 weeks. The issue here is in making wine (like a beaverdale Shiraz). I would leave it to clear for 2 weeks. This would be in a room at room temperature. This means I am making vinegar not wine. There is nothing in the instructions about temperature after the fermentation stage. Any advice on temperatures to let it clear and am I just making vinegar as it doesn't taste like vinegar?


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    Sorry the last word got missed off. It should have said Home made red wine vinegar
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    Hi Desmond, when making wine after the fermentation has finished it then needs to clear before bottling, if you use a fining to help it clear then this often just takes a couple of days, you can leave it to clear at the same temperature as you had it fermenting - normally around room temperature of 20 degrees C or so, and once clear it can then be bottled and left to condition.

    If you don't use a fining to clear the wine the it can take much longer, and it might be best to filter it, leaving the wine to stand for longer periods after the fermentation is complete does risk it becoming contaminated as it is not producing CO2 which naturally protects a brew in a sealed vessel. If a beer or wine becomes contaminated then it can often taste and smell strongly of vinegar, and can usually not be salvaged
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    Okay thanks. I thought that if the wine was kept at a lower temp like 15c for a few week would help. It does carry on clearing long after the few days. As this is in a fermenter, maybe a good seal to stop any air activity would help and keep it cool.
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