DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
Hi guys/girls. I am scratching the few remaining brain cells that I have left (too much beer). There was a time when you could get a nitrogen / CO2 mixture, as nitrogen is more in keeping with the fermentation. I haven't seen these recently and was wondering if this or something more improved is available. I currently have to get SO3 cylinders sent to me as I think the small [green] sparklelet cylinders are overrated and expensive.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Desmond, the smaller 8g bulbs are available in both CO2 and N2O, we now only stock the CO2 version because we discovered that some people buy the Nitrogen and mis-use it by inhaling it, and with us selling online there is no way to know who is buying it and no way to check their age. You may be able to find someone selling the smaller 8g Nitrogen bulbs but we don't think you can get the larger S30 cylinders filled with nitrogen by any home brew suppliers
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