Problems with king keg float system

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I have had over 6 months of problems with this rubbish barrel. This has a top/middle tap and a float. The problem is that when the beer goes below the tab. I get a mixture of air and beer. What is happening is air is getting past the back past a rubbish black 'O' ring around the insert. I have had to buy lots of complete floats when all I need is the black 'O' ring. Is there another float system from another manufacturer like Youngs or Hambelton bard. I am totally sick of this rubbish poor quality tap system.


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    Sorry to hear you are having issues with a Top Tap King Keg, we're not aware of a particular problem with them making a seal. If it starts to draw air in when the level of the liquid goes below the tap, we would have usually expected it to also leak beer when the level of the liquid was above the tap.

    If you have swapped the whole float system over and the problem persists it may suggest an issue with the back of the tap perhaps, another possibility is that the float is not sitting flat on the surface of the liquid so it is drawing air though as well as beer when the level of the liquid lowers.

    You can get a different style of float system that has no o-ring, one option is here on this link:

    If nothing else works then this alternative style of float may solve it, or it may be worth swapping the tap
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    No you would not get beer leaking out of the keg. The air goes past the flimsy black 'O' ring into the tap itself. The larger washer preventing beer coming out through the sides of the tap works perfectly. I have bought a new float assembly and this has worked. Do I have to buy a new float assembly because of a flimsy black 'O' ring.

    I think the best thing is to buy a bottom tap keg. And use the gloat in it their. That way, by the time the beer had gone below the level of the tap the beer would be gone.
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