getting beer to clear

DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
Hi. I put a beer on for Christmas. I was a bit late in starting it 16th November. It was/is a St peters ruby red ail. It is now 5th January and still hazy. What should I do.
A) Just leave it another month or so or
B) Take some beer out to reduce the pressure, open it up and put finings into it. It NEVER came with finings.

Do I stir it in or just put it on the surface? Any good strong ones in the UK. Heard about egg white but never tried it.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Desmond, the St Peters would usually have cleared by now and using finings is not usually needed, there may be a couple of reasons why it is cloudy - did you check the final gravity reading before it was barrelled - if so what was it please?

    Also the current temperature it is being stored at? And has it created carbonation and pressure or is it really flat still?
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