5L mini kegs

Hi Guys.

I have been playing around with conditioning methods over the last few months, and have come to the conclusion that for my current set up (crafty fox 5 gallon kit + refills), 5L mini kegs are far superior to bottling. The head retention, lacing, carbonation and to a point, even clarity have really improved in a mini keg in comparison to a brown bottle.

My only problem, is that to get these mini kegs, I have to buy them from a supermarket with beer in (I know, 1st world problems...) I would really like to buy these empty, with tap replacements available.

I suppose my question is, are you guys thinking about supplying these in the future, plus tap replacements, and if not, do you know where I can buy them from?? Im attaching a picture so you know what I am on about. These are from Bristol Beer Factory, if you haven't tried their ales, worth a shout!!


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