Tilt hydrometers on special offer - Limited time only - Save over £20 - This offer has now ended

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The great Tilt hydrometers are currently on offer, but this wont last long:


This offer has now ended


  • timwilliams19timwilliams19 Member Posts: 10
    Using a Tilt hydrometer for the first time using a Raspberry Pi to capture the data and upload to 'the cloud'. Setting up the Tilt was relatively simple although the Google Sheets app was something of a 'character builder'.
    Find it very useful to be able to use my desktop PC to check on the Tilt readings directly from the Raspberry Pi and also to then view the data logged on Google sheets.
    Temp seems to be accurately recorded although the SG does seem to fluctuate up and down by up to .003 units. However the temperature and SG trends are easy to follow.
    For a gadet-holic like myself its been great fun to use and it might even make life easier.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    That's great to know, they are a must for a gadget lover and give some handy info at a glance on how your brew is doing
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