Brewferm Framboos

WCGWCG Member Posts: 120
Just started a batch of Brewferm Framboos.
It's supposed to be made with 500g of sugar, but I decided to try the Mangrove Jack's LME instead.
As the LME pouch can't be re-sealed, I used the whole 1.2Kg ...that's my excuse, anyway :)

Even before it's started brewing it's a nice light red colour & has a strong - but not overpowering - raspberry aroma.
Having used more than double the required amount of LME, the starting SG is higher than it should be -- 1.07 instead of the finishing SG is supposed to be around 1.01, this would mean about 7.8% ABV instead of the original 5.5% ( M.J's LME is quoted as raising the ABV by about 1.5% when used like-for-like )


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