Early bottling.

Just done a Bulldog brews Hammer of thor kit. It went from 1.052 - 1.008 in seven days. There seems to be differing views as to whether you should bottle it immediately or leave it in the fermenter for at least two weeks even though it has stopped the process. Just wondering what peoples views are on this & what the advantages are if any ?


  • WCGWCG Posts: 74Member
    I tend to leave brews for a week or two after they've fnished fermenting before bottling them.
    Firstly to ensure they've clarified as much as possible & secondly to ensure they really have finished fermenting - I've had a couple of instances where fermentation has restarted about a week after it initially stopped.
  • BUDFORCEBUDFORCE Posts: 264Member
    Agree with the above, I generally leave the more basic kits 2 weeks and premium kits 3, a bulldog brews kit I would leave 3 weeks in primary.

    Also hate to say this but bullbog brews kits take ages to fully clear in secondary fermentation, they really need to be left I would recommend about 8 weeks minimum with those ones.

    That being said, they are very high quality and generally produce excellent beer, they just take a while compared to most others.
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  • ImbatImbat Posts: 6Member
    Good to know :) I guess I will have te learn to be patient but it's not going to be easy :( been really impressed with my brews so far but I have drunk them all far to early. Bulldog brews especially are so easy to do.
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