NEW Mangrove Jacks Beer range - FREE Liquid Malt Extract and BrewSafe Cleaner with each purchase*

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To Celebrate the launch of the new Mangrove Jacks beer kit range for a limited time only we are giving away a FREE 1.2 Kg pouch of liquid malt extract and a FREE Brewsafe cleaner. The range has some great beer and lager styles to choose from and includes hop additions with some, full details of the range are here on this link:

*The offer has limited stock and is whilst stocks last, and the Berliner Style Sour Ale includes brewing sugar as per the manufacturers recommendations.


  • WCGWCG Posts: 74Member
    Ordered some of the LME prior to this offer.
    Not used it yet but as it's got a long expiry date ( over 2 years ) It'll be worthwhile taking advantage of this offer.
  • WCGWCG Posts: 74Member
    I see you're down to only one style of Mangrove Jack's kit in stock now ( Berliner Sour Ale )
    Will there be a restock of the other kits, or is that it?
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    Apologies - this is a manufacturers supply issue - the malt extract is currently unavailable and we can't get any at the moment - apologies we don't why they have run out of malt extract but we will get more as soon as we can
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