Wine blending

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More experimentation on my part :D
I know the kit-makers say not to do it, but I've combined 2 kits from different makers.

Bought 2 of the Better Brew Cabernet Sauvignon kits that are on offer, together with a Beaverdale Pinot Noir kit and a California Connoisseur Merlot kit ( all '6 bottle' kits )

Just started the first combination, a 50/50 Cabernet Sauvignon/Pinot Noir blend as a 9L batch.
No sugar added, as neither base kit is supposed to need it.
I did add the oak chips from the PN kit, but don't know how effective they'll be in what is effectively a double-batch.

Starting SG is just over 1.065, which should mean about 10% ABV ( a bit down on the kits' stated 11%-11.5% )


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