The Watch Goldish Ale

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Here's another one I put together, lovely and simple all grain for BIAB. Goldish because it's a bit on the orange side to be called golden, but other than that fits in style just fine. Came up with this one to try out Endeavour hops for the first time, and I rather enjoy a pint of this. I carbonated it fairly low (about 1.7 volumes), but I use a 10mls syringe and blunt needle to imitate the effect of a beer engine, giving a lovely smooth pint.

21 litres into fermenter. Target OG 1.045. Target FG 1.013. Colour: 11.5 EBC. IBU: 30 Tinseth. 86.5% efficiency (I actually overshot this, and ended up with an OG of 1.050, but heh...)

Mash: 90 minutes @ 67 degrees C, 24.65 L strike water. Mash out 76 degreesC for 10 minutes (rising over 7). Sparge with 3L @76 degrees C.

Maris Otter Pale Malt 6 EBC 3580g
Crystal Malt 150 EBC 104g

Boil for 90 minutes (whole hops).

@ 90 minutes:-
Magnum 13.2% AA 8.6g

@ 20 minutes:-
Endeavour 9.8% AA 11.8g

@ 10 minutes:-
Endeavour 9.8% AA 13.1g
1/2 Protafloc tablet

@ 0 minutes (flame out):-
Endeavour 9.8% AA 9.3g

Fermented with Mangrove Jacks M36 Liberty Bell Yeast.

Produced a lovely, malty, ale with a hint of citrus (lime perhaps?). Smooth drinking, goes down lovely.


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    Sounds and looks great, and a good choice of hops, one to try
  • AdeDunnAdeDunn Posts: 4Member

    I tried blending a bottle of this with a bottle of a Fuggles/Maris Otter SMASH the other day, and it was even better! The Fuggles and Endeavour really complemented each other. So I decided at some point to brew a Fuggles + Endeavour bitter, probably bittered with Magnum again for that clean bittering it produces.

    Should be a lot less hazy too (the SMASH certainly is, as is my most recent brew (a Hobgoblin Gold Clone)) now I've sorted out using the boil and immersion chiller to best effect. ;)
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