10 litre Crafty Fox Nevada Pale Ale.

dc.gracedc.grace Posts: 9Member
Some time ago I brewed the HBO 1 Gallon Crafty Fox Nevada Pale Ale. Yesterday I tried one having left it many weeks to mature. I was greatly impressed. I definitely want to brew it again. However, I have now moved from 1 gallon to 10/11 litre brew in a bag. I could purchase 2 of your one gallon kits and brew them as one 10 litre using brew in a bag method. If I do so, would I put in both sachets of yeast or just one?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    Thanks for your comments we are pleased to hear you liked it, the Crafty Fox range have been worked on for a while to produce some great brews. You could make 2 of the 1 gallon refills at once, just one yeast would be fine as it will be suitable to ferment a larger volume, you can then save a yeast as a back up or for your next brew
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