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Hi my first time at trying to make wine and I have made a mistake. First fermentation finished so transfered into a new bucket and I should have just added the stabiliser but I allso put in the Kieselsol. I s there a way to save this or do I just put it down to a learning curve?


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    This sounds like it will probably be fine, it is great that the fermentation has completed. The stabiliser is added to ensure there is no further fermentation, then often wines ask for a fining to be added in two parts, this helps them to clear. If the Kieselsol has been added out of sequence then it may mean the wine takes longer to clear, if it wont clear then another wine fining can be used just to help it along, but the wine should be fine
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    Thanks, I made a lot of beer 20 years ago, not very good beer but first time with the wine. What type of fining would you use and when shall I try it?
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    For now we would just give it a day or so and see how it clears naturally, you have used the Kieselsol fining so if there is a second part of the fining then add that too. If it clears on its own then that is good and it can be bottled, if it does not clear then add a fining such as one of these on this link - this is a 2 part fining and will settle the suspended sediment out and clear the wine:


    The instructions probably say to de-gas the wine and this helps it to clear too. Once clear you can then continue with the steps and bottle. If you don't manage to clear the wine this just means it can be cloudy in the bottle, after some time the suspended sediment will settle to the bottle of the bottles and if disturbed when poured it will make your wine cloudy in the glass -this wont usually affect the taste but it just looks cloudy. Vegetarians often don't use finings such as Kieselsol as it is not suitable, so then you either need to let the wine settle naturally, or pass through a filter instead.
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