Saison With Avec - BIAB All Grain

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This turned out to be one of my favourite brews to date, so thought I would share it here. Best way to describe it would be as a US Saison. Deliciously dry, it starts life with a delicious tropical fruit flavour from a nice Mosaic dry hop, as it ages and the dry hop fades the grapefuit flavours become more present, along with a delicious honey and lemon after taste from the heather honey and the yeast itself.

90 Minute mash at 65 degrees C (BIAB) (23.78 litres strike water), 10 minute mash out at 76 degrees C (rising over 7 minutes, stirring the whole duration of the rise). Sparged with 3 litres at 76 degrees C (dunk sparge). A point about efficiency, this recipe is based on 85% efficiency (my software told me that I hit 90%) so DO adjust it for your own efficiency, it's all about stirring the grist well though (get it off the bottom of the bag both when doughing in and also every 20 minutes or so, properly into the water column) and also aiming for a mash pH of about 5.4 (I used 20 litres of RO, 8.66 litres (roughly) of treated tap water mixed as my tap water has a rather high alkalinity).

Colour 8 EBC. Bitterness IBU 16.3 Tinseth. Target OG 1.051. Target FG 1.004. For a target ABV of 6% approx.

In the mash:-

2290g Belgian Pilsen Malt 3.5 EBC 51.4%
1468g Bavarian Pale Ale Malt 7 EBC 32.9%
105g Bavarian Munich Malt 22 EBC 2.4%
256g Bavarian Light Wheat Malt 5 EBC 5.7%
(the missing % age is in the boil section)

The boil, 60 minutes rolling boil:-
2.34 litres of water added before the boil. Giving me 26 litres into the boil.

60 minutes additions (start of boil)
Mosaic 12% AA pellets 4g 5.5 Tinseth

30 minutes additions (middle)
Amarillo 9% AA pellets 4.7g 3.7 Tinseth
Mosaic 12% AA pellets 6.8g 7.1 Tinseth
Lightly ground coriander seeds 8.5g
Lightly ground black pepper corns 2.5g

10 minutes before end of boil

1/2 Protofloc tablet
340g Heather Honey 2 EBC 7.6% of fermentables (the missing percentage)

0 minutes (Flame out) additions
Amarillo 9% AA pellets 11.9g 0 Tinseth
Mosaic 12% AA pellets 18.8g 0 Tinseth

Dry hop (once finished fermenting)
Mosaic 12% AA pellets 33g 0 Tinseth for 6 days

I hit an OG of 1.054.

I then transferred to fermenting vessel getting 22Litres into the fermenter. Unfortunately, thanks to using pellets hops only I also ended up with a lot of trub. So here is a tip, use whole hops for at least 60% of your hops, and a bazooka filter in your boiler. The trub won't ruin the beer, but it does make things difficult when it comes time to bottle... I fermented using Mangrove Jacks M29 French Saison yeast, and hit and FG of 1.004 comfortably. Thanks to trouble with the trub though, I only managed to get 33 500mls bottles out of it before the trub got stirred back up. So yeah, consider using whole hops rather than pellets is my advice.

Anyway, it is a delicious pint (so long as you like beer that's dry and hoppy). Carbonated to 3 volumes of CO2, it should have a lovely white fluffy head that sticks around for a short while, leaving white lacing down the glass as you drink.

Enjoy, and if anybody has a go at brewing it, do let me know what you think! I originally brewed it as a nice way to use up the ends of open bags of malt, and hop pellets I already had in the freezer.


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