Razorback ipa secondary fermentation and bottling

This beer has been fermenting well now at 8 days. Added hops day 5 and is still bubbling away. Once i have done the primary fermentation, i am planning bottling and using crafty fox carbonation drops. Looking for advice on how many drops to use for 3 bottle sizes i will use.
These are
Also the best temperature to store at and when to cool them off later on. Any advice would be great. Many thanks.


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    Welcome mctaorluath, the Razorback is a popular brew and we hope you enjoy it, you can vary the amount of drops depending on how carbonated you want the beer, for a medium carbonation though try 1 drop per 330ml and 450ml bottle, and maybe try 2 in some of the 500ml bottles and see what you think. For a lighter carbonation just try 1 drop per 500ml bottle. Some people try different amounts so they can compare the difference and find out how they prefer it which is not a bad idea.

    Once bottled and sealed up with a drop or two, try to keep them warm, around 20 degrees C or so, for a good few days or up to a week, then you can move them somewhere a few degrees cooler if you like and this will help them clear. Once clear and carbonated they are ready to drink, but for best results leave for at least a few more weeks to allow the flavours to improve, they get better with time
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    Many thanks for the great advice. Most appreciated. Will post back on my brew outcome. Cheers.
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    Hi, mctaorluath, my first brew and I've just opened the first bottles. My bottles are all 500mm and I did some with 2 Foxes tabs and some with 1. I prefer the ones with two - they seem to hold the head better and have a nice sparkle on the tongue.....not a lager type thing, just a gentle tingle.
    I have to say it's a nice brew.......!
  • mctaorluathmctaorluath Posts: 4Member
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    Hi IanB. Brew has been bottled and now been in brew fridge for 7 days at 20 degrees. I used 2 carbonation drops per 500ml bottles and 660ml ones. I drop in 330ml and 450ml bottles. Going to drop temp down a bit for a few weeks. Have 1 bottle in fridge for tasting/carbonation check this evening. Cheers.
  • mctaorluathmctaorluath Posts: 4Member
    Brew outcome. The Razorback IPA turned out very good and has a good kick to it. Friends have all reported good feedback too. The 500ml bottles with 2 carbonation drops were the best fizz wise. If brewing again I would use 2 in the 450ml bottles and 3 in the 660ml ones. Taste is a bit bitter at first, but few sips in and its just fine. Have ordered the Youngs American IPA for next brew. I am hoping it will be even better than the Razorback. Have heard its similar to Brewdog Punk IPA, which is my favourite IPA. Thanks for earlier advice.
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    That's good, the flavour will also continue with more time in the bottles. The Evil Dog is a really popular choice and is a double IPA:

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