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Recently brewed Woodfordes kit, then into a pressure barrel in the warm for 4 days before putting into the garage to cool off and clear. Been out there for about a week and just tried a sample. Still really cloudy, just thinking that because of the very cold conditions it could be a ‘chill haze’. How can I get rid of that haze?


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    If it has had around a week and a half in the barrel then it may not yet have cleared, it can take longer and is just a case of giving it more time, once cleared the full flavours will begin to develop too as it carbonates.

    Brews can sometimes go cloudy when chilled and this is just the appearance - it will not affect the flavour. Sometimes when warmed back up again the haze disappears. Chill hazes are something that can affect home brewers but there is not that much can be done about it unfortunately, unless it goes again once warmed up
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    I think I got a chill haze on my bad cat that has been in secondary, mmm about 5 weeks I think, really cloudy but tastes fine. It's in my garage and it was really cold out of the keg.
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