Wine still not clearing.

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Hi. Can anyone help, i have a youngs elderberry 6 btl brew on the go. It finished fermentation so I added the stabilizer and finings but after a week it had not cleared. After checking on this site i bought some pectin and tested a small amount of the wine but it did not clear. I then tried some bentonite clay in the demijohn which has been in for one week now but has still not cleared the wine...? I did wonder if it should be in a warmer environment as it's in a very cool area at the moment. Any advise would be most welcome. Thank you.


  • neilsbrewneilsbrew Member Posts: 4
    Sorry..forgot to mention I added a second finings after the first had no effect.
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    The Youngs wine range are usually very reliable and issues are very rare so there may be a couple of reasons for this, it is important to be sure it has finished fermenting as this would stop it clearing, taking a hydrometer reading would confirm this and make sure. Just a thought but if the temperature has been on the cooler side then it may take longer to ferment.

    The wine also needs thoroughly degassing, instructions often call for the wine to be agitated or shaken, this removes the CO2 and is important to allow it to clear, if the wine is not de-gassed fully then this can stop it clearing too.

    If it has fully finished fermenting and has a low reading, and also has been thoroughly degassed then let us know and we will refer this to Youngs for you
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    Thanks so much for the advise. Sorry I forgot to get back to you. I check the wine 2 days ago and is pretty much clear now so bottling at the weekend, finally. In answer to your comments, I used a heater belt during fermentation and a hydrometre at the end. I had the same issue with my strawberry wine brewed at the same time..i wonder if I was a little hasty with the hydrometre although it is the first time I've had an issue with clearing . Can you tell me why when I'm brewing reds near the beginning of fermentation they always bubble over/through the airlock whether it's a demijohn or bucket? Do I simply put less liquid in to begin with? Thanks
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    I don't know anything about wine brewing, but with beer brewing if it's bubbling/foaming right out it just means that it is aggressively fermenting, which is a good thing in a way, but yes can make a mess.

    You could possibly try leaving the top open, or at least not sealed so that the gasses can escape early on, then seal it a couple of days later.
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    Yes it does make a mess and the wife wasn't too pleased either. My first batch in a bucket blew the air lock clean out of the lid so leaving the lid off the airlock makes sense..will give it a go on next batch. Thanks
  • I may sound not too cheerful but the issue is quite common among brewers. The thing can come from wherever. I guess the main problem can possibly be about combustion of the heating water. Do you use traditional tank? Idk if it's possible to drop links here but check out this post for an example.
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