Tom Caxton pilsner strong lager

My brew has appeared to have finished fermenting after four and a half days, and I would like to know how long I can leave it in the fermenter prior to bottling as I have just ordered a pack of carbonation drops from Homebrew. And I would prefer to use them rather than sugar due to my last batch of cider that was like champagne when I opened the bottles. ( half teaspoon per 500 ml bottle. )


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    In theory a long time.

    Leaving it in there won't do it any harm in itself, but... Unlike once you have it sealed in bottles/a keg, it is more susceptible to getting contaminated, the longer it's in there, the longer there is a chance of that.

    If it gives you some comfort, I tend to leave mine about 3 weeks in primary fermentation and have yet to have an issue (touch wood), so if it is a matter of days, o really wouldn't worry.
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    It may look like it has finished but only by taking hydrometer readings over a couple of days can you be sure. 4 and a half days is a bit quick to have fully finished. If you bottled the previous one too early and it hadn't fully finished this could be why they were a bit lively when you opened them.
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    I have had a few Caxton Real Ale brews ferment very quickly so reading this doesn't surprise me. They were alright when bottled after 5 days a couple of times. With a bit more experience and champagne type results (with other kits) I would now also recommend hydrometer readings for consistency over 48 hours to make absolutely sure.
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