Youngs American Craft Saison


Firstly this brew, the instructions say it requires a brewing temperature of 20-32c (the warmer the better) which is higher than most other brews for beer which like between about 20-24c.

" Ambient temperature range 20-32 °C for Saison and the warmer the better. Greater than 24 °C will not impair quality of Saison (it will actually improve yeast character)"

Source: American Beer Kit Instructions1.pdf

I can confirm I left this in primary fermentation for 3 weeks, I have a relatively controlled temperature via the immersion style brew heaters and my brew kept between about 22-25c - this is the lower range of the temperature range recommended as per Youngs instructions.

However the beer seems to be brewed fully so at the slightly lower temperatures it seems to be been a success.

It's been sitting in secondary for months ( I brewed this in August it's now November) but given the track record on these Young's premium kits they generally tend to condition pretty quickly compared to most- so probbaly will be ok after 3 weeks or so in secondary.

As for taste, I do not have all that much experience with Saisons, the only ones I have ever tried outside of this stuff I have just brewed is from the various micro breweries around Bermondsey in South London whilst doing the "Bermondsey Mile" (google that for a good day out in London) but is somehwat what a I remember.

This one is a little smoother then what I remember, as the ones I tried from those breweries were really quite sharp and lemony. This beer has those similar flavours but a bit more subtle, although is in no way bland.

If you dont know what a Saison tastes like, I would possibly find out first before getting this kit as it is quite different, and I mate of mine who likes most beers really doesnt like Saisons. The best I can describe it is a cross between a wheat beer and a hoppy IPA.

I like this beer, and as usual for the Young's American Craft Brewing kits the product is top notch, but.... personally, their Amber Ale/IPA/APA kits are better just down to taste... I you like a Saison you cant go wrong with this kit.

Beer League: 1. Young's - American Pale Ale 2. Bulldog Brews - Imperial Red Bad Cat 3. Young's - IPA 4. Young's - American Amber Ale 5. Bulldog Brews - Evil Dog Double IPA


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