Coopers Lager - Brewing tips?

Hi All,

New to this beer brewing malarkey. Was hoping that someone could give me some advice? Long story short, I brewed some of the Coopers Lager. For 3 weeks it was in the fermenting barrel and has now been de-bottled and left for a further two weeks. Tried a bottle last night, and whilst it was relatively clear, the taste just wasn't there.......Can anyone suggest why the taste isn't very 'Lagery'??

Thanks for your patience and advice, in advance!


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    Welcome Bazilldon, the Coopers lager is really popular, if it isn't yet fully clear this can sometimes be an indication that it is not quite ready yet, you may also find that it is lacking carbonation too. It is likely that it just needs longer in the bottles to clear and condition, try keeping it around 20 degrees for a week, then move somewhere a few degrees cooler - this helps it clear and a couple more weeks can often work wonders on the flavour as it continues to develop.

    Whenever possible we suggest to leave a brew for a good few weeks to allow the flavours to develop and it can then be drank at its best, leave it to clear and try again in a week or two and update us please.

    Juts for your info, we made a Better Brew lager a while ago and it didn't taste great, we nearly threw it away but put it in a cupboard and forgot about it - and left it for a few more weeks - this turned out to be one of the best we have made and one of the cheapest too!
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