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This is my first time with a homebrew wine kit. I purchased a wine Concentrate called floral Shiraz Blush. I followed the instructions, although not fully explicit. It claimed 12% a.b.v. On completion. I took an Hydrometer reading prior to adding 3.5 kg of granulated sugar, yeast and yeast nutrient ( the yeast and nutrient came with the kit ) it read 1.060. The instructions said it should be complete after 7 days.Thermometer on the 23 litre fermenter reading 24c. After 7 days i took a hydrometer reading, it read 1.044 = 0.016- 2.5% a.b.v. So i fitted an airlock and gromit that i purchased from Home brew to the lid. Great, i cauld now see the action through the airlock. I left the wine sealed until day 12 when there was very little action and took a hydrometer reading. It showed after a spin a reading of 1.010=6.6% A.B.V. - 5.2% a.b.w. I am feeling sad now. With the lid re sealed a bulge has appeared on the lid due to the airlock being off set, the water in the air lock is unlevel due to pressure, but stays there ( no bubbles ). Should i add more sugar, and if so would the yeast and nutrient be up to it. I await quidence from you experienced brewers. Please help to put a smile back on my face.


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    As long as you add the quantities of ingredients and liquid the instructions suggest then the alcohol strength will be around what they say, to get the most accurate reading try to take it once all the sugars and juice are added and well mixed and dissolved.

    At this stage the best thing to do is not to add anything else, instead keep it warm like you have it, and take a hydrometer reading at 24 hour intervals to see if the hydrometer reading is still dropping. If it continues to lower then it is still fermenting and needs to be left until the reading is as low as it will go and remains constant for 24 hours. If it stops higher than the instructions say the reading should go down to, give the wine a good stir to re-suspend the yeast (use a well cleaned/sterilised spoon or paddle) as this can help the fermentation along
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    Thank you, I will follow your sound advice.
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