Hangover Cure

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Need to share this information with everyone.


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The cure for hangovers, it actually works!


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    Have you personally tried it?

    I gave these a go once:


    They were developed by the KGB to stop their spies getting drunk whilst drinking so they could remember secrets. It didn't work, but they found it stopped them getting hangovers. I tried them and didn't do anything for me, all they did was make my piss go bright green whilst taking them. But amazon reviews some people say they work, I never really know what to believe but only my own personal experience is that these ones didn't do anything.

    Best thing for a hangover is to take dioralyte (or other similar diarrhea treatment) as it hydrates you and replaces all your electrolytes that you piss out. But you gotta do it before you go to sleep.
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