Coopers - Bootmaker Pale Ale

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This is the 3rd one of the Coopers newer range that I have tried, after the Brew A IPA and the Secret Amber Ale.

In terms of preference, this falls somewhere in between the IPA that I loved and the Amber Ale that I found a bit bland.

This beer is the lighter (in colour) of the 3, and as described more of an American style pale ale, slightly lighter, and not as bitter as an IPA, much as you would expect.

Mine ended up being pretty fizzy despite only putting the usual amount of sugar for secondary fermentation. Otherwise it's pleasant, lighter, clear pale ale, not overly hoppy, but for my tastes would benefit from some additional dry hopping.

Decent for the price though, much cheaper than some more premium kits, even with an added hop pouch, if you so desire.

Impressed with the new Coopers range in general, at least the ones I have tried so far, good "bang for buck" and in my opinion the best of the cheaper ones.

Beer League: 1. Young's - American Pale Ale 2. Bulldog Brews - Imperial Red Bad Cat 3. Young's - IPA 4. Young's - American Amber Ale 5. Bulldog Brews - Evil Dog Double IPA
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