Did I bottle to soon

So first ever brew final fg was 1.008 on coopers lager this was steady from day 6..7..and 8 I bottled it. It was cloudy like apple juice...should I have let it settle a bit more really


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    Welcome, the final gravity reading is nice and low and the reading being constant is a great sign - the brew had finished fermenting so this is all good. When you bottle the lager it will still be cloudy at this stage, but once left in the bottles to carbonate and condition it will clear. You will find that a little sediment will collect in the bottom of each bottle which is normal, and thi is just any suspended yeast settling. Once clear it is just about ready to drink, but for best results give it more time as the flavours will continue to improve
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    OK thanks for reply.

    It's currently in a cupboard about 20c should or could I move to garage in few days or does it still need to be kept warm ?
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    Ideally keep it warm around 20 degrees C for at least the first few days or a week - this helps the priming sugar/drops you add to dissolve and secondary ferment, creating the carbonation. You can then move it somewhere a few degrees cooler to help it clear. If you don't keep it somewhere warm for at least a few days after bottling the carbonation time can be increased
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