Wine won't stop fizzing - advice please.

JaneJane Member Posts: 37
My Cellar 7 Pinot Grigio Blush won't stop fizzing.
SG is 998, it doesn't taste off, but bone dry, has quite an alcoholic kick (I added some extra sugar) and is still cloudy and fizzing, as well as bubbling though airlock - although less frequently than before about twice a minute.
I'm assuming it's still fermenting, but I want it to stop. Can I add the stabilizer now?
It was the most vigerous wine ferment I've ever seen and just won't die :-)
What to do with it?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    The additional sugar is probably taking longer to ferment out, adding more will change the results but it is very important the wine is left to stop fermenting before moving on to the degassing stage. Let it completely finish and ensure the hydrometer reading is constant, then degas thoroughly and use the finings to clear it
  • JaneJane Member Posts: 37
    Hi Thanks for response.
    I realised by adding a bit of extra sugar it would increase ferment time and ultimately abv. But if SG is down to 995 what is it fermenting on?
    Also will the stabilzer kill the yeast as I want to stop the fermentation now. It's around the 13% abv mark, don't want it to get higher.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    The fizzing and bubbling indicate it still has some sugars left, you could try adding the stabiliser and seeing if it stops it, and once the fizzing and any bubbles have stopped it can then be de-gassed
  • JaneJane Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, that's just what I've done and yes, it seems to have stabilized it :-)
    Was going to keep some back, without stabilizer in it and try and prime it once bottled for a secondary fermentation, to make some pink fizz.
    Theory great, but when I tasted it, there just isn't enough acid to make a decent sparkling wine. Cider and even champagne have fairly high levels of acidity before secondary fermentation and this is needed to make a good drink after the secondary has taken place.
    Yes I could have added some acid, but tbh, decided not worth the effort. There isn't really enough backbone in it, so decided to leave it as a still wine.
    Will review once bottled etc.
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