Cellar 7 Pinot Grigio Blush SG

JaneJane Member Posts: 37
Has anyone noted the starting SG on this, once it's been added to water to make up 22litres. I was expecting it to be around the 1085 mark, maybe 1090, but was surprised to find it at 1060. This was in a trial jar, so I put the hydrometer in the fermenting bin with the must. Obvs couldn't see it quite as clearly, but looked around the 1060 ish mark.
I added some extra sugar and gave it a very good mix and SG 1090 - which is where I would have expected it to be. Added yeast and was a bit amazed to see it bubbling through within 20 mins!
Think my hydrometer is working ok, as I use it for cider.
One thing intrigues me, if it ferments out to 1000 or below, then presumably the sugar has been fermented out. Won't this be bone dry?
Cheers Jane
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