Too hot for yeast?

JordoJordo Member Posts: 2

When adding yeast I've heard the wort can be too hot, but this seems to very wildly depending on who and where you ask.

I added yeast to my wort when it was roughly 30-31 degs C - is this going to be too hot?


  • BUDFORCEBUDFORCE Member Posts: 275
    Yea it's a tad on the warm side. Ideally should be no warmer than about 26c. You want to aim to keep your brewing temperature ideally between about 22-24c but anything from about 18-26 will work.

    Assuming your brew is not that warm anymore, check for signs that it is fermenting, bubbles on the top or foam, or any sediment at the bottom is a good indication the yeast is working. If it's completely still you may need to add more yeast.
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