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Hi, new to brewing. Started a Coopers IPA 6 days ago with 1kg of the brew enhancer and the temp has remained steady around 23-24 degrees. The OG reading was 1.027 (assuming I read correctly) from what I've read this appears to be on the low side? The FG, as of this morning is 1.011. From what I've calculated this is an ABV of around 2.6% once the carbonation drops have been added. This seems very low, any help on why the OG reading could of been so low would be appreciated. Cheers.


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    Welcome, the starting gravity reading sounds to be on the low side, this would usually be as a general guide around 1.045, your final reading is as expected, so the suspect reading is the initial one. There are a few reasons this can happen, more often than not though the ingredients just haven't fully dissolved when it was taken, so the amount of sugars in the liquid is not as accurate as it might be. It is likely that if you had taken a second reading 12 or 24 hours later that it would have been higher, but because you added all the malt extract from the tin and a Kg of enhancer this brew will turn out as the manufacturer's intended in flavour and in strength, as all the sugars ferment out. Often people don't take an initial reading and just check for the final reading to ensure fermentation has completed, the most important thing is that all the sugars are added (either as sugar or in the form of enhancer etc) and they will ferment out
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