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Hi. Reasonably experienced at homebrew but I have had a batch of St Peter's IPA come out sour. Any thoughts. Looking at my notes I let it ferment for 18 days so I am thinking an infection got in at the end of the ferment. As far as I remember my cleaning was the same as usual using VWP for the fermenting vessel and my pressure barrel. From memory the weather was changeable whilst fermenting so the temperature was quite variable whilst fermenting

Any thoughts appreciated.


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    It could be a few things and using VWP usually helps to stop the risk of contamination, whilst a brew is not fermenting and not giving off much CO2 it can be more at risk as there is not as much to protect it, once the fermentation is over it is best to bottle or barrel fairly soon. If the temperature was fluctuating quite a lot then this can produce off flavours in a brew, although this can be hard to control as a home brewer, insulating the vessel can help to slow down and even out any change in temperature so it is more gradual. If the brew is still quite young then give it some more time and see if it mellows, here is a guide on a help page with some possible reasons and explanations:
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    Thanks for the comments. Pure vinegar so it has cleaned the drains. Will pay more attention to cleanliness
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    Yea you gotta be pretty anal on the cleaning. I normally clean thoroughly with hot water and washing up liquid then let everything dry first. I really clean everything properly, use pipe cleaners etc to get in any small bits.

    I think letting everything dry is important.

    Then after, I sterilise using the vwp cleaner normally overnight or at least a good few hours.
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