Is it possible to prime bottles a second time?

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As a newcomer to home brewing I've made a blunder! I've bottle my brew and subsequently realised that the screw caps were not on tight enough [Pet bottles] and the gas has escaped. My question is can I pop a bit more sugar in each bottle to enable carbonation for a second time or is the brew literally down the drain?
Any and all view would be appreciated.


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    Firstly, your brew isn't down the drain I'm sure it'll be OK flat or you could add a pinch of lemonade to fizz. I think it could work to add more sugar and pressurise but it might take a long time to carbonate depending on how much yeast is left alive but probably not much even a microscopic amount will feed and multiply but it'll take longer the less there is.

    If you don't fancy the idea of drinking it flat it's worth a go, make sure you keep them at room temperature.
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    Thanks Budforce.
    There's no way I could drink it flat; I don't mind drinking beer without a head so long as it has some body. I will try the extra sugar but may be a compromise is to mix it with another beer. Whilst it won't be what I wanted originally at least it will get consumed.
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