Youngs American Amber Ale and hops

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I added the hops to my Youngs AAA Brew on Thursday, about day 7 as the SG was below the recommended level and I was hoping to bottle this weekend, so 2 or 3 days before bottling. The instructions said to sprinkle on the surface, don't stir and they will break up on their own. Only thing is I was expecting them to break up and sink, instead they turned into a mush on the surface. This might be ok, I've never used hops before, so someone please tell me.

The real question is, I was planning to bottle today and have transferred into a second FV and added the priming sugar but a lot of the hop bits transferred across and I was wondering if I'm better to leave it 24 hours to settle before bottling, or just get on with it? Will I lose any of the benefit of the sugar while it stands?



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