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Hi This is my first time brewing beer and all has gone well up till now. 3 weeks after kegging beer its still cloudy and not producing any gas. I undid the screw lid and there was no pressure there at all. Beer taste ok but how do I clear the beer and get the secondary ferment sorted ? Should I put it under the heat pad thing again ? Add yeast or sugar ? any ideas would be most welcome


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    There can be a couple of reasons for this, it is possible that the barrel is not fully airtight so no pressure is building so ensue the seals are in place and the lid is screwed on nice and tight. This range from Festival come with priming sugar included so as long as all that was added then this can be ruled out too. More likely though is that it is just not ready yet, a good indication of this is that it is still cloudy. If it is cool where the barrel is then try moving it to 20 degrees C or a little more for a week (popping it on a heat tray is ideal), this will help it along, and it should then clear and carbonate. After a week in the warmth it can be moved somewhere a few degrees cooler if wanted, usually it is just a case of giving it more time, let us know how it goes
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